Laranna's GemStone III Lair

Lady Laranna MacRoy-Raevhaz

Laranna's GemStone III Lair is packed with information on Elanthia, the Arkati, Merchants, history and guides!

My name is Lady Laranna MacRoy-Raevhaz of House Illistim. I'm a Sylvan Wizardess and your tour guide through my Lair. The purpose of the Lair is to educate and enrich the lives of Elanthians socially, religiously, historically and intellectually.

Located in the mystical realms of Elanthia, my world consists of many pleasures, some of which I hope to share with you. I have a fondness for the arts and a heritage-driven duty to transcribe and share all information that I obtain. What I present here is my lifelong work-in-progress. Enjoy!

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